About Us

About The Company

WAP REALESTATE is a Lucknow base Company which has created a new idea for investment in approximity area of Lucknow city which is next to develop in coming years. In present time Lucknow is converting in 7th Metro City just like Delhi,Mumbai,Calcutta, Chennai,Bangalore & Hyderabad. Metro trains as well as Mono trains are going to come in Metro Lucknow 2021.

Lucknow is going to develop in 40 to 50 km radius itself. All the national level builders & company are present in Lucknow & developing infrastructure for coming metro city 2021.

Real Estate being a much desired asset,its desirability coupled with scarcity have historically made it an appreciating & profitability investment.Yet few people can offered to or will want to pay all cash for Real Estate. Since almost every Real Estate transaction involves some form of financing.An understanding of Real Estate financing is imperative for every prospective buyer.Keeping with the latest trend of market,the company has decided to keep the focus on the marketing of ethical Real Estate products only.To make a strong marketing foundation, the company has a team of 100 Plus field staff. An INDIA based Corporation composed of services at your doorstep.